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Dear Maestro

Dear Maestro

Dear Maestro,

I like to go to concerts to have a good time. Recently, that includes having a drink and letting go. I haven’t been to the symphony since they adopted a rule to not allow drinks in the hall. This really isn’t a question, but more of a gripe. Rules like this make it easier to choose a different form of entertainment. I heard that they made the change because they did away with the sip cups and the symphony was afraid that straws would be distracting. Is that true?




Dearest Lush - 

While I enjoy boozing as much as anyone, I know when to say when. Certain venues require consumption of alcohol during performances. Sporting events such as baseball come to mind. Also, movie theaters are allowing you to get sauced while watching the latest turd from H'Wood. Again, it's a courtesy of necessity due to the content and venue. 

While I am all for breaking the stereotypes of the traditional stuffy classical music event, loosening up on perceived dress codes... clapping after a movement... being less than 86 years old, I think we should keep it classy with respect to the historic institutions like Symphony Hall or Lyric Opera and not have to worry about tripping over Natty Light cans as we find our way to the seat of the Shostakovitch Symphony 1 or Der Rosenkavalier performance. 

And I do believe the straw thing is real. As a matter of fact, I think I was the instigator. The concert hall is primarily an aural experience. You can get away with slurping and straw screeching during explosions and touchdowns, but it induces a psychotic response from me during a quiet movement in the classical music hall. 

If you must drink, do what the rest of of alcoholics do: flask(s) in your sock or purse, strategically sipped on while grabbing your program that "fell" on the floor. 



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