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Trombones, Pianos, and Cell Phones- Oh My!

Trombones, Pianos, and Cell Phones- Oh My!

On Friday, October 13th, audiences will be treated to the trombone styling of Mark Hetzler. This evening promises to be anything but ordinary.  Professor Hetzler, who will be joined his quartet Mr. Chair (featuring Jason Kutz on piano, Ben Ferris on Bass and Mike Koszewski on drums) will be providing a true musical experience at Mills Concert Hall on the UW campus.     

“This recital is broken into two parts,” explained Prof. Hetzler in a recent phone interview. “This first half is solo trombone which I have titled “Solitude.” It runs roughly 35 minutes and features a variety of contemporary composers along with a short Bach piece added into the mix.” While Prof. Hetzler will be performing on the stage solo, he won’t be without aids.     

The final piece on the first half of the concert, a gem called “Luminous” by Mark Engebretson, will feature the music being broadcast through people’s cell phones. Yes, you have heard right- through cell phones! “It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is,” explained Prof. Hetzler. “My performance is broadcast into an app on my computer. That same app, which you can download, turns the audience member’s cell phone into a loud speaker for the duration of the piece.”     

While that may seem as though it would be a hard act to follow, the second act of the recital sounds just as exciting! “My quartet and I will be performing our re-imagination of Stravinsky’s Pulcinella,” explained Prof. Hetzler. Composer Igor Stravinsky completed Pulcinella, an opera based on an 18th century commedia dell’arte play on the same name, in 1920. The 20 movement ballet offers a sample of a several different dance styles, all of which Stravinsky brilliantly set in the work.     

“When we started to toss around the idea of re-imagining the work, I initially was not on board, “admitted Prof. Hetzler. “Stravinsky created such a stunning work, and the idea of trying to change it didn’t seemed right.” What the quartet did was each take a movement of the work, and fuse their own musical tastes into it. “As we started on working these pieces, the neoclassical style Stravinsky created so brilliantly morphed into Latin, Jazz, or even hard rock styles. We were pretty impressed at how the product turned out. We see it as an homage to what the composer created, which we are proud of.”     

The Quartet will perform 10 of the 20 movements in Friday’s concert as the second half finale.     Prof. Hetzler’s Faculty recital will take place at Mills Concert Hall on Friday, October 13th at 8pm. The concert will also feature members of his Quartet, Mr. Chair, which includes Jason Kutz on piano, Ben Ferris on Bass and Mike Koszewski on drums. More information about the event as well as a complete program can be found at This is a FREE event featuring a number of living composers, one of whom will be in the audience. This is not a concert to miss! Mark your calendars today and plan to attend!

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